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How an overweight mum became Britain's Strongest Woman

Claire Bramley will represent Great Britain when she competes for the title. Credit: ITV News Calendar

A woman who just a few years ago was unfit and overweight will be competing in a powerlifting competition in Finland.

Claire Bramley will represent Great Britain as she competes for the World's Strongest Woman title under 85kg.

The 37-year-old, from Mansfield Woodhouse, Nottinghamshire, already holds the title of Britain's Strongest Woman under 85kg - and that's on top of being a mum of three and holding down a full time job as a carer.

Just a few years ago Claire weighed 18 stone, and now she's in peak condition and training for the competition in October.

Her coach Daniel Ashcroft says that it's ''Absolutely amazing where she has come from."

The 37-year-old already holds the title of Britain's Strongest Woman under 85kg. Credit: ITV News Calendar

"Not just in the kilos that she is lifting, it is confidence as well. The confidence that she has gained over the year has been phenomenal."

– Daniel Ashcroft

Claire herself is also pleased with her progress, saying that the competition in near Helsinki is "My first international competition ever. I have only been in the sport eighteen months - less than two years, so it is crazy how quick it is progressing.''

When asked about her motivation for getting fit, Claire said that it was "definitely my children."

"If I hadn't have changed there's a possibility I would not have been here today just through health reasons. My doctor warned me I was very, very unhealthy."

– Claire Bramley