Parents of disabled children launch fight to save school transport

Travel assistance van. Credit: ITV News Central

Parents of children with disabilities have handed in a petition with 11,000 signatures to Birmingham City Council, asking them not to cut assisted travel to school.

A legal loop hole means that local authorities across the country no longer have to provide transport for children once they turn 16.

Protesting parents of teenagers with special needs said they were worried about finding alternative ways of getting their children to school.

Credit: ITV Central

Nicola Leadbetter's 16-year-old daughter Victoria is picked up by a minibus everyday just a few minutes from their home in Birmingham.

But now that service is now under threat.

Victoria has Down's Syndrome, and her mum says she functions at a 6-year-old's level.

Parents said that they say they recognise funds are tight, but say there often aren't alternative safe means of travel.

They have accused the council of failing vulnerable young people.