House partially collapses leaving a young family homeless

Credit: BPM Media

A house partially collapses leaving debris and possessions sprawled across a street.

Emergency services were called to Claremont Road in Rugby after reports of a two-storey extension on a terraced property had collapsed yesterday (10 September) afternoon.

Crews from Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service, and Warwickshire Police secured the area and a partial road closure was put in place.

A wooden and grey wardrobe with red and yellow suit cases on top can be seen teetering on the second floor.

Nearby residents confirmed that a young family with children live at the property but were luckily out at the time.

It is thought, the family has transferred to an emergency accommodation by Rugby Borough Council.

Credit: BPM Media

Lisa Anslow, who lives opposite the affected property , said the area next to the affected property used to be a car garage.

She says building work had started in the last couple of weeks and her and others believed that flats are being built there.

Lisa didn’t hear the original fall of the house, but after 10pm last night she saw the side of the house collapse.

She describes how she saw a plume of dust fill the street, adding she is “concerned” for the residents who live the other side of the affected property, and thinks it could fall down at any moment.

Warwick Building Control have since launched an investigation into the cause of the collapse.

A Police Community Supporter at the scene has said their main priority is to stop any looters and to stop any of the possessions being taken.

Credit: BPM Media

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