'Can an officer come and change my light bulb?'

Warwickshire Police Operations and Communications Centre (OCC) has revealed the latest time-wasting call it received.

One person dialled 999 and asked for officers to come and help them with a household task - changing a lightbulb.

The OCC tweeted about the incident saying: "Latest 999 call into Warks Police OCC - Can an officer come and change my light bulb?

It is not the first time emergency services in the region have had to deal with such calls.

In March 2019, Warwickshire Police received another 999 call from someone who had bought out of date meat.

Warwickshire Police OCC said the caller told them: "I have just been and bought some meat that was reduced, but it's clearly out of date".

In another call, a person from Nottinghamshire called 999 to complain that the wrong furniture had been delivered to their house.

A woman in Leicestershire complained that a dry cleaning service was refusing to return her clothes and a quilt.

Police have also been asked to give the time to a caller, after their watch stopped working.

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