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Former conjoined twins celebrate their 18th birthday

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Turning 18 is a milestone in anyone's life, but for twins Eman and Sanchia their birthday today is extra special.

The pair were conjoined by their lower back and hip when they were born and underwent pioneering surgery at three months old to successfully separate them.

They even overcame the odds to learn to walk.

Their lives in Birmingham are much like any other teens - although sometimes they have to use a wheelchair because of pain in their legs.

And whilst they may no longer be joined, they are still incredibly close.

"When I was told that i could go and visit your girls now, they were in the ICU Unit.

"I went in and I stood between them and I didn't know which one to look at first.

"I just felt such a sense of peace and relief knowing that I could see both of them, and it was a strange feeling but I was so joyful."

– Emma Mowatt, Mum
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