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Only English county without a McDonald's is set to get one

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The small picturesque county of Rutland could be getting its first McDonalds.

It's the only county left in England without a chain of the fast food restaurant, but that could be about to change.

The US burger giant has submitted a planning application for a drive-through restaurant on the outskirts of Oakham.

Opinions among the 40,000 people in this traditional county are divided:

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Credit: PA Images

“We look forward to progressing with our application, and are excited about the jobs it would create and potential investment it could bring to the community.

"McDonald’s held an exhibition on Wednesday 22nd May 2019 at Victoria Hall in Oakham. 394 people attended and the majority of the feedback provided was either positive or neutral, with the most frequently cited reason for support centred around increased employment opportunities.

"A second event was held on Thursday 8th August at Brightways Catmose Campus in Oakham to promote an application to help explain to residents how they could get involved in the planning process.

"All feedback was either positive or neutral and employment, with training, education and community initiatives the most frequently mentioned reasons for support."

– McDonalds spokesperson

The planning application that has been submitted for a new McDonald’s restaurant in Oakham is still being considered as part of the statutory planning process and a recommendation has not yet been made."

"We are unable to confirm when this application will be determined by our planning committee until consultation is complete and all the necessary information has been received and properly considered by Planning Officers."

– Rutland County Council

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