1. ITV Report

West Midlands Weather: Largely grey and damp, with some brightness in the north.

Today: Low cloud will linger through today, with patchy rain and drizzle. During the afternoon it will become drier for many, although the rain and drizzle will prevail in the south. Some bright spells will develop in the north though.

Tonight: The low cloud and rain will clear southwards this evening. There will be clear skies overnight, although pockets of mist and fog will be possible, and it will be chilly.

Tuesday: Any fog will soon clear in the morning. There will be plenty of sunshine to start the day, but it will become somewhat cloudier from the north through the afternoon.

Outlook for Wednesday to Friday: It will stay mostly settled, with light winds and sunny spells. There will be chilly nights, with an increasing risk of morning mist and fog, but it will become warmer.