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Worcestershire businesses set for plastic free month

Bromsgrove District Council reusable bag. Credit: ITV News Central

Worcestershire is getting ready to mark its inaugural zero waste month as businesses and residents in the county are urged to cut down on waste for thirty days.

Bromsgrove council has used a central government grant available for high street improvements to supply market traders with reusable bags.

Thirty waste free days start on September 23rd and the organisers want it to become an annual event.

The tote bags will be given to customers who spend more than one pound, in return the traders have signed a pledge not to use plastic carrier bags.

Judith Slavin has been selling plants on the market for thirty five years and she is supporting the scheme.

I have always hated plastic bags.

I always try to encourage my customers to bring their own or at least if we do give them a plastic bag to bring them back - to reuse them; but it doesn't always happen.

So now hopefully with the council giving us these it's going to give us the help we need to get rid of plastic."

– Judith Slavin

Anna Wardell-Hill is an environmental policy officer at Bromsgrove District Council.

The thirty day, county wide programme of waste busting events has its own website at