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Councils stockpiling frozen meals ahead of possible shortages from a no-deal Brexit

Workers at a factory in Worksop making meals for Nottinghamshire County Council's elderly customers. Credit: ITV News Central

There are warnings from some to expect shortages of medicines and food in the event of a no-deal Brexit, and one council is determined not to get caught out.

In Nottinghamshire, food and fuel are being stockpiled to ensure services like 'Meals on Wheels' and school dinners can continue if leaving the European Union results in delays of supplies.

For age and health reasons, Dorothy and Geoff Pearse from Mansfield rely heavily on the daily 'Meals on Wheels' service.

The couple say they couldn't live without it.

Dorothy and Geoff Pearse say they could not manage without their 'Meals on Wheels' service. Credit: ITV News Central

But with Britain currently set to leave the EU at the end of October, there are fears a no-deal Brexit could result in food shortages. So in preparation Nottinghamshire County Council has decided to take action.

At a factory in Worksop they're stockpiling a reserve of two weeks worth of frozen meals for its elderly customers. They've also prepared provisional menus for school dinners.

Stockpiling frozen meals. Credit: ITV News Central

I think it's very important for the public services that provide critical services to vulnerable people, to make sure that we've taken all possible preparations to ensure continuity of those services. Our meals at home goes to more than 300 people every day. And it's not just delivering a meal, it's a welfare check and a safety check as well. So we do want to make sure that nothing interrupts that service.

– Rob Fisher, Nottinghamshire County Council

It's a similar story with Nottingham City council, which as well as stockpiling tinned and frozen food for school dinners, is also building up a reserve fuel supply.

Nottingham City Council is also stockpiling food. Credit: ITV News Central

We have three weeks of stocks which we will keep maintained. And obviously if there is a No Deal Brexit, and we have to prioritise users, it will go to the most essential users. And other services may have to suffer if there's a shortage overall of fuel.

– Sally Longford, Deputy Leader, Nottingham County Council

Nottinghamshire County Council says it's been told by the government that food shortages are unlikely. But for Dorothy and Geoff Pearse the prospect of losing their daily meal service is a worry.

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