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Ostriches cause travel problems after escaping from garden

A pair of ostriches that had escaped from a garden disrupted traffic on a bust road in Nottinghamshire on Saturday afternoon.

The birds were seen taking a stroll down the A606 Melton Road near Tollerton, with cars having to slow down avoid them.

Police were called to find the speedy birds, which can run up to 40mph.

They had escaped a garden pen on a nearby farm at about midday. Nottinghamshire Police said their officers helped return them safe and well to their owner at about 2.20pm.

Two ostriches escaped a garden and disrupted traffic on a nearby busy road Credit: BPM Media

Some motorists initially believed the animals to be emus, however the police clarified that the birds were in fact ostriches.

The differences lie within the fact that emus are native to Australia, and have a slightly slower top speed of 30mph.

Ostriches also have just two toes, while the emu has three.