Hawks flown in to tackle Walsall's 'feral' pigeon problem

Two hawks have been let loose in Walsall town centre to get rid of its 'feral' pigeon population.

Boris and Harriet, a pair of Harrier hawks, will be flown over the town centre every other day for the next six months in an attempt to scare the local pigeons away.

The hawks are not meant to kill any pigeons, but change the behaviour of the wild birds by making them believe the area is unsafe for them.

The initiative was launched by Walsall Council’s cabinet as part of an effort to make the city centre a “clean, safe and welcoming environment.”

Credit: ITV Central

The pigeons in Walsall town centre are an absolute pain and we get lots of complaints about the mess they make. People don't want to sit on benches covered in pigeon faeces and they certainly don't want to be targeted from overhead either. We want Walsall town centre to be a clean, safe and welcoming environment. Having hundreds of feral pigeons flying around the town centre every day does not make for clean streets.

Councillor Oliver Butler

The council has asked people not to encourage the pigeons by feeding them.

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