World's longest turnip measuring four metres smashes records

A new Guinness World Record for the longest turnip ever to be recorded was made at the Malvern Autumn Show this weekend.

Grower Joe Atherton said he was "delighted" to break the world record, with a turnip measuring 4.064m.

“Every time you plant a seed you hope it’s going to break a world record. “It’s brilliant to have won another record, I’m just delighted.”

Joe Atherton

Joe, who is retired, grows his giant vegetables in his back garden with the help of his wife Carmel.

“I planted the seed in May using guttering to grow it out, but it’s Carmel who does the cleaning, which is crucial because she makes sure it doesn't break. It’s true what they say, behind every man there’s a better woman,” said Joe.

Giant veg judge Matryn Davies said it was great to see a new world record broken at the show.

“It’s been a tough season for growing, but every grower still comes here with the hope they have broken a record, and it can be just a millimeter that makes all the difference. “We’re delighted with the entries this year and it’s great to see all the benches full of quality giant vegetables.”

Matryn Davies

Thousands of people attended the two-day festival in Worcestershire.

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