Cadbury collector's living room re-created at Cadbury World with almost 5,000 pieces of memorabilia

Last October Cadbury World received a donation of almost 5,000 pieces of Cadbury memorabilia, with some of the items dating back to the 1800s.

Gill Cocks had been collecting the pieces for 40 years and her collection included rare items such as Richard Tapper Cadbury's bible from the 19th Century.

Today, Cadbury World are unveiling a re-creation of Gill's jam-packed living room which will be open to visitors of the chocolate attraction.

Gill Cocks with Richard Tapper Cadbury's bible from the 1800s Credit: PA Images

The exhibition has taken nearly a year to put together.

Ms Cocks, from Winchcombe in Gloucestershire, was inspired by her father who collected Cadbury's paper memorabilia.

At the time of donation, The Cadbury Foundation donated £5,000 to a charity of Ms Cocks's choice as a gesture for donating her collection.

The 5,000 piece collection is now on display at Cadbury World

When donating her collection to Cadbury World in October 2018, Ms Cocks commented: "I have really enjoyed collecting Cadbury memorabilia but the collection really grew quite enormous and there have been times when I have struggled to keep it in good condition.

More people can enjoy it - nobody's enjoying it while it's sat in my attic".

Gill Cocks with her collection at home in 2018 Credit: PA Images