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Shock as 'healthy and happy' 10-year-old schoolgirl rushed to hospital after suffering a stroke

Credit: MEN Media

A mother has told of her horror at finding her 10-year-old daughter suffering a stroke one morning before school.

Schoolgirl Gracie Whittick, from Long Sutton, had just finished her breakfast and was getting ready to go to school when she fell ill on Thursday (September 26).

She was rushed to Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge where a MRI scan confirmed she had suffered a stroke.

Gracie underwent a three-hour operation to remove 96 per cent of a blood clot on the left side of her brain.

Credit: MEN Media

Her mother Hayley Clark said the incident came "completely out of the blue" and her daughter is "healthy 10-year-old girl" who loves "dancing and gymnastics".

The right side of her face was drooping. She couldn’t lift her arms, move her arms or legs."

– Hayley Clark

Doctors have reassured her family they expect that the 10-year-old will recover.

Credit: MEN Media

Gracie has already started to regain feeling in her fingers and legs, although she is having issues with her speech and memory.

She is expected to have to stay in hospital for at least another six weeks.

Her family have been told she will then need in-care at home as well as regular CT scans and check-ups.

I am doing everything I can. I have not slept since Thursday. I am worried sick.”

– Hayley Clark

A GoFundMe has now been set up to help Hayley, a single mum, out while her daughter is in hospital.

Credit: MEN Media