Birmingham Airport has objected to the construction of a 51-storey skyscraper over concerns it could pose a danger to airplanes.

The airport claim that the developers, behind One Eastside, haven't taken into consideration the impact the tower or construction cranes would have on a new flightpath which was introduced in May this year.

Birmingham City Council's planning committee are set to meet next Thursday to determine the £160m scheme.

If plans go ahead, the skyscraper would become Birmingham's tallest building and could be completed as early as late 2022.

It would provide 667 one and two bedroom apartments on the former college and university campus at the corner of Jennens Road and James Watt Queensway.

Applicants Court Collaboration has proposed to use a 'saddleback' crane that would not exceed the height of the city's current tallest building the BT Tower.

Officers recommended councillors defer it for approval at a later date to allow for the situation with the airport to be resolved.

Birmingham Airport has written a holding objection to the development whilst the assessment is undertaken.

An airport spokeswoman said:

Court Collaboration has been approached for comment on the situation but has yet to respond.