Man who ran over Pc Gareth Phillips with stolen patrol car and then fled at nearly 100mph jailed for 12 years

  • Video report by ITV News Midlands Reporter Ben Chapman

A banned driver has been sentenced to 12 years in jail for inflicting "life-changing" injuries on a police officer, after he ran over him in a stolen patrol car.

Mubashar Hussain, from Hall Green, Birmingham, was arrested in September.

PC Gareth Phillips was responding to reports of a stolen car, which was tracked to the Moseley area of Birmingham.

Officers tried to apprehend Mubashar Hussain and his co-defendant Ahsan Ghafoor, using a taser.

PC Gareth Phillips / Mubashar Hussain Credit: West Midlands Police

Onlookers watched in horror as PC Phillips was pinned underneath a patrol car as the 29- year-old tried to get away in it - reaching speeds of almost 100 miles per hour.

This footage released by West Midlands Police shows Pc Gareth Phillips being run over by Mubashar Hussain.

Opening the case against Hussain, prosecutor Andrew Smith QC said Hussain was wearing a balaclava when he reversed the 4x4 away from an arriving police car, while his accomplice Ahsan Ghafoor threw a house brick. Several unmarked and marked cars had been sent to the scene after the Range Rover was seen driving dangerously, in convoy with another vehicle stolen from a furniture store car park.

Pc Phillips was in court for the sentencing hearing, but left along with several other people when recordings of the events were played.

The officer has now undergone a number of complex surgical procedures but his life changing injuries mean he has a long recovery ahead.

Pc Gareth Phillips in hospital. Credit: West Midlands Police

An off duty doctor rushed to the scene helping Pc Phillips by compressing his head wound, and stayed with him until the paramedics arrived.

He described what he saw.

Hussain pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm with intent to resist arrest, as well as 11 other offences.

Jailing Hussain and Ghafoor, Judge Wall told the men: "You went out withanother person who has not been identified to steal high-value cars."

Addressing Hussain, who was surrounded by four dock officers, the judge said: "You are a habitual dangerous driver. The level of your offending is increasing and not diminishing. The police made efforts to detain you. They took hold of you, ripped off your balaclava and Tasered you when you persistently refused to co-operate. None of this deterred you from your efforts to avoid being arrested. Pc Phillips has been left with potentially life-changing injuries. The surgeon who treated him regarded them as life-threatening."

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