RSPCA calls for restriction on use of fireworks

Animal charity the RSPCA have released a new report on firework related incidents, with four Midlands counties being in the Top 10.

Over the past year, the West Midlands received calls about 19 incidents last year, the second highest of anywhere in the country.

Whereas, Nottinghamshire saw 15 calls placed about firework related incidents last year.

Around 2,300 calls have been made to the RSPCA about animals distressed by firework over the last five years.

They say fireworks can cause animals to tremble, shake pant, hide and try to escape.

The charity have released figures of the top 10 counties where firework incidents were recorded in 2018.

  • Nottinghamshire is listed 3rd, with 15 incidents.

  • Lincolnshire is listed 6th, with 11 incidents.

  • Derbyshire and Worcestershire are listed 7th, with 10 incidents.

  • Staffordshire is listed 10th, with 7 incidents.

The RSPCA believes the Government needs to urgently review firework regulations in the run up to bonfire season.

Maggie the border terrier is terrified of fireworks and becomes a nervous wreck Credit: RSPCA

The charity says there should also be a noise restriction on the maximum level of decibels fireworks can reach and that all public fireworks displays should be licensed and advertised in advance.

Although it is possible for vets to manage firework phobias in some species, such as dogs, the RSPCA also believes that if animal owners knew when to expect fireworks it would help them to prepare their animals so they would be better able to cope.

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