Mansfield mudslide could have been avoided say angry residents

Residents in Mansfield, who live in a former quarry, have reacted with "anger" after a mudslide forced many of them to evacuate their homes - despite previously voicing their concerns.

Some of those who live in Bank End Close had to leave their homes for their own safety and have questioned why the homes along the quarry cliff-face - many of which are "family homes" - did not have more "protection from the wall" crumbling.

Emergency services were called to Bank End Close just before 5pm on Thursday (7 November) following concerns for the safety of people living in the houses.

Road closures have been in place between Berry Hill Road and Jenny Beckett's Lane.

Drivers have been advised to avoid the area.

Mansfield District Council is advising anyone who needs emergency accommodation to get in touch with them.

People have been allowed to return to their homes but some have been told they cannot access their garden.

It comes after a family of four and three couples were given temporary accommodation overnight, whereas, most residents stayed with friends and relatives.