Remembrance Day: Story of French villager executed with British soldiers he had refuged

This weekend, people across the East Midlands will fall silent to remember those who died in two world wars.

Among those who lost their lives were eleven British soldiers who went into hiding in the First World War after becoming trapped behind enemy lines.

Among them were 27 year old Private Fred Innocent from Lenton in Nottingham and Private George Howard who has descendants near Coleshill in Warwickshire.

Two residents from the French village of Iron, Vincent Chalandre and Leonie Logez, took the soldiers in and hid them from the Germans.

Their great grandchildren said the couple believed it was their 'duty to help' the young soldiers.

But they were eventually discovered, and on 25th February 1915, the Germans executed both the soldiers and Mr. Chalandre - they have now become known as the Iron Twelve.

Fred Innocent's great niece, Janet Arrowsmith said it was a great shock to discover that he did not perish in barn fire.

It's an extraordinary story of heroism, courage and betrayal, and all twelve victims are now buried in the same cemetery in the town of Guise.

This weekend, they will be in their relatives' thoughts are we pause to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.