Calls for 24-hour city centre site to help homeless

Emergency night shelters across the Midlands are opening for the first time this winter as temperatures dip below freezing overnight.

Rose Grayston from the charity Shelter told ITV News Central the freezing temperatures make the difference between life and death.

64 deaths of homeless people were reported across the West Midlands last year. The problem goes across both major cities and market towns.

Emergency accommodation opened in Worcester, Malvern and Evesham last night.

One outreach volunteer from the charity Active Christians in Birmingham, is calling for a dedicated 24-hour city centre building to look after homeless people, some of whom have both mental and physical health conditions.

Pastor Colin Rankine says he's seen a ten-fold increase in the number of people using the foodbanks they provide in Handsworth with support from local supermarkets and other businesses.

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