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Warnings over knife disguised as credit card holder

Credit: West Mercia Police

Police are warning about a knife which folds up into the size of a credit card holder.

The credit card knife contains a three inch blade with the ‘credit card’ folding into a handle.

A man got in touch with West Mercia police concerned a young person he knew had purchased the knife.

The knife has been seized but police want to remind people what to look out for and reiterate the dangers of carrying a knife.

We know that if someone carries a knife they are more likely to get stabbed themselves and are determined to do all we can to stop young people from becoming involved in knife crime and want to warn people about the credit card knife so they know what to look out for.

At first glance it looks like a credit card holder with a card inside, however, when you open it up there is a substantial blade inside with the ‘card’ folding into a handle. The blade is around three inches and if it was used could cause serious injury, or worse.

– Sergeant Lou Hickman, West Mercia Police

They're calling on parents, teachers, carers, even security guards and door staff to be aware of this item and be extra vigilant.