A man who allowed his dog to maul a helpless cat to death has been jailed for 18 weeks, banned from keeping animals for life.

Amos Price, 30, pleaded guilty and admitted to setting a lurcher-type dog loose to savage pet cat Cleo in Pelsall on the 23rd October.

The attack was caught on CCTV and shows Price provoking the dog to attack the cat. He can be seen grabbing the dog by the collar and lifting it up to ensure it is aware of the cat, which was sat on a wall.

Cleo was then dragged from the wall and onto the ground, where the dog sunk its jaws into her, shaking her from side to side before disappearing from shot.

Cleo’s owner, Gary Truefitt, only realised what had happened when he checked CCTV after his pet failed to return home. He said he has had "many sleepless nights” since making the horrific discovery.

Amos Price admitted to letting his dog loose to savage pet cat Cleo in Pelsall Credit: ITV News Central

Price, of Trevor Road, Pelsall, was arrested on Monday (November 11) where he told arresting officers: “I was going to hand myself in on Friday anyway, I’m done with looking over my shoulder and my family are getting threats.”

The court heard how he was 'ashamed' and 'sorry' for what he had done and had he not been intoxicated at the time we would not have committed the crime.

In addition to jail time, Price must pay a victim surcharge of £122 and compensation of £250.

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