X-Factor winner sings to terminally-ill eight-year-old boy

A mum whose son has a life-limiting brain condition has had her desperate plea for musicians to sing to her dying son answered.

Leicester's X Factor winner Sam Bailey sung for eight-year old Bailey yesterday (November 14).

Charlotte Nixon, who is mum to Bailey, welcomed Sam Bailey into their family home in Nuneaton in Warwickshire.

Charlotte has been told by specialists that Bailey, who was born with a life-limiting brain condition, does not have long to live.

She's now searching for more musicians to help give Bailey - who has "always loved music" - music therapy to help him in his final days.

Sam Bailey - who won the X Factor in 2013 - noticed and responded to her appeal, saying 'I knew I had to do something to help.'

"I was supposed to be putting my Christmas decorations up and I got loads of Tweets and messages on Facebook about Bailey- He has a great name- And I just said I'm not going to put the decorations up, I'm going to find this little boy.

Sam Bailey

"Bailey has always loved music and responded so well to it, he had the most infectious laugh when hearing music and his right leg would always bounce to the beat."

Charlotte Nixon, Baileys Mum

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