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As ITV in colour turns 50, hundreds still watch in black-and-white

A black-and-white TV set Credit: ITV News Central

On Saturday 15th November 1969, much of ITV began broadcasting in colour. In the Midlands, the first colour programme on what was then ATV, was Thunderbirds.

Fifty years later, despite the advent of HD, widescreen and smart devices, it’s emerged there are still 700 black-and-white TV licences in force in the Midlands.

Could it be that at £154.50 a year some viewers think a colour TV licence is too expensive? By comparison, a black-and-white licence costs just £52, or £1 a week.

Either way, if you’re a monochrome Midlander, you can check below to see how many people near you are like-minded!

West Midlands (black-and-white licences in force on 30th September 2019):

  • Birmingham 323
  • Coventry 48
  • Wolverhampton 36
  • Stoke-on-Trent 33
  • Shropshire 18
  • Walsall 17
  • Worcester 11
  • Newcastle-u-Lyme 10
  • Stafford 7
  • Telford 6
  • (Source: TV Licensing)

East Midlands (black-and-white licences in force on 30th September 2019):

  • Nottingham 78
  • Leicester 55
  • Derby 34
  • Northampton 24
  • Source: TV Licensing

"....More than half (53%) of TV households have in some way an internet connection to their TV and access to hundreds of channels.

Whilst only accounting for a very small proportion it’s interesting to know that some households still like to watch their favourite shows on a black and white telly.”

– Rachel Roberts, spokesperson for TV Licensing in the Midlands