Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn go head to head tonight in the first live debate of the election campaign, live on ITV.

Meanwhile, The Green Party is promising to give over-16s the vote and scrap tuition fees, and Nigel Farage denies that his party will split the Leave vote.

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Boris Johnson has written to Jeremy Corbyn ahead of their head-to-head televised debate with a series of questions he claims the Labour leader has "ducked" during the campaign:

  • You are proposing a second referendum on EU membership. In that referendum, would you recommend the UK should remain or leave?

  • Would you end, maintain or extend free movement, and would immigration be higher or lower under Corbyn's Labour?

  • How much would you be willing to pay into the EU budget in return for "access to markets"?

  • Can you guarantee that every Labour candidate supports your Brexit policy?

Boris Johnson calls on Jeremy Corbyn to answer four questions ahead of their live TV debate. Credit: Conservatives

Johnson v Corbyn: The ITV Debate will be screened live on ITV at 8pm on Tuesday 19th November with the ITV Election Interviews broadcast at 10pm.

Meanwhile, The Green Party's released their 89-page General Election manifesto titled "If Not Now, When?" The party plan to tackle climate change with £100 billion annual funding.

In his speech co-leader Jonathan Bartley said: "Hitting snooze for another 15 years simply isn’t an option. This is a different magnitude to the financial crash," he said.

“You can’t double down on business as usual, pray to the markets and expect the climate emergency to magically go into reverse.”

Among their proposals:

  • £100 billion annual investment to make UK carbon neutral by 2030

  • Hold a second referendum and campaign for Remain

  • Make misogyny a hate crime and decriminalise some Class A drugs

  • Introduce a universal basic income and build 100,000 new council houses

  • Increase NHS funding by £6 billion each year

  • Spend at least £4 billion a year on education and replace Ofsted

  • Lower the voting age, elect the Lords and go to PR voting system

And Nigel Farage has been in Peterborough where he denied voting for the Brexit Party will split the Leave vote and lead to a Labour government.

The Brexit Party Leader used the by-election in the city in the summer as an example to illustrate what he said would not be an issue.

He described the by-election as a "two-horse race" and argued the Labour Party stole the Brexit Party's votes.

He said: "They split our vote, if they were not here, we would have won. Peterborough disproves many of the fallacies you may read."

Nigel Farage making his way to to Peterborough Credit: PA Images

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