West Midlands Fire Service's first ever female firefighter retires

It's the end of an era at West Midlands Fire Service, as it's first ever female firefighter has retired. When Julie Cooper first joined Walsall Fire Station thirty years ago, she was the only woman on the frontline.

There are now 142 female firefighters at West Midlands fire service. And Julie has been part of encouraging more women to join. Yasmin Bodalbhai has been taking a look back at her trailblazing career.

ITV Central spoke to Julie three decades ago, when she made it clear she was committed to becoming a female firefighter.

"I was quite young, and I wasn't sure if there were any women in the job. And it wasn't until I got through to the first part and on to training school that I actually found out there weren't any women there. It was a great feeling. It was exciting."

Julie Cooper

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