Gary Truefitt, the distraught owner of the cat that was mauled to death by a dog, says that 18 weeks is not enough jail time for man who initiated the attack.

In his first TV interview, Mr Truefitt tells how he spent hours looking for his pet, Cleo, because he suspected she had been hit by a car. It wasn't until he checked his CCTV footage that he realised the shocking reality of what had happened.

Amos Price was captured pointing a large light towards the cat, who was sitting on a wall, apparently to draw the dog's attention to it. The dog then pounced on the cat and a brutal, fatal attack followed.

Price was jailed on 14 November for 18 weeks. He was also banned from keeping animals for life and ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £122 and compensation of £250.

Mr Truefitt says that the incident has led to sleepless nights. He says that he "hates" Mr Price for what he did and that he should have been jailed for longer.