No-one will be prosecuted over the death of 13-year-old Amber Peat who hanged herself in bushes near to her Mansfield home.

She was found hanged less than a mile away from her home in Nottinghamshire on 2nd June in 2015.

Following a review of the evidence, the Crown Prosecution Service spokesman said: "Following the inquest into the tragic death of Amber Peat, we have reviewed the case once more in light of the coroner’s findings and further material gathered by Nottinghamshire Police.

“After careful consideration of all the available evidence, we have concluded there is insufficient evidence to prosecute anyone for criminal offences relating to Amber’s treatment up to the time of her death.

“Amber’s relatives have been updated about the decision. Our thoughts remain with them.”

A previous review found that there were concerns for Amber's 'emotional well-being' and that she felt like she was to blame for disputes and difficulties within the family. However, the CPS rules that her death could not have been predicted.