A pregnant mum has described how she was “seconds away” from being buried under a landslide while walking her daughter to school.

Lisa Riley - who is 35 weeks pregnant - said it sounded like “an animal was running down the cliff” when the incident occurred, leaving her one-year-old daughter screaming in her pram.

She said she feared going into labour early due to the shock.

Nottinghamshire Police were called to the incident around 9am on Friday. Credit: BPM Media

Nottinghamshire Police were called to the scene just after 9am on Rock Hill, Mansfield, which has been partially closed between Broxtowe Drive and Carter Lane.

The incident follows a recent mudslide just one mile away at Berry Hill Quarry on November 7, where 35 homes were evacuated.

Lisa, 29, said: “We were seconds away from it and only feet away from where it started landing.

”It sounded like an animal running down the cliff. I carried on walking and just as I was going past where the fence is now, it all started coming down.“I was absolutely shocked and someone said I was lucky to not be under it. I’m 35 weeks pregnant and the whole thing made me feel like I could have gone into labour.

“It was unbelievable how fast it came down.”

Lisa was walking her eight-year-old daughter to school at the time with her one-year-old daughter, Keera, in her pram.

Lisa added: “It could have been a totally different outcome. It has been on my mind all day too and made me feel like I maybe shouldn’t go out.”

One resident said problems with water and drainage are common in Rock Hill and he feels it is related to the landslide.

Paul Winchester, 64, said: “There have been problems with water in the area for some time. I’ve been told it has something to do with the rain and the water leak of a pipe or something.

“I have been here for 30 years and this is the first time I have seen something like this happen.

“I came home from work this morning and saw the police here, it was a bit of a shock.

“You can often see it coming out of the road, especially with bad rain.”

Dave Shaw, a 51-year-old builder, added: "It’s been known for the best part of 10 years that it could happen.

"They have had surveyors come down here and they said it would not collapse, but I think there has been movement on it for a long time.

“I’ve felt like it was going to happen eventually.

“A big problem is that no one seems to know who owns the hill and who should be maintaining it. I’ve tried to find out myself.

“Because of that, it really wasn’t a shock to me.

“There is a problem with the drainage here I think because I've been told it’s leaking into the old cave houses.”

“We believe that any further material that falls can be safely contained within our traffic management area.

Martin Carnaffin, Nottinghamshire County Council

A spokesman for Nottinghamshire Police said: "We were called at 9am. Officers have been providing traffic management at the scene."

Building control managers and site managers from Nottinghamshire County Council and Mansfield District Council visited the site.

A Mansfield District Council spokeswoman said building control officers were on site and the incident is being investigated.

This latest landslide comes just two weeks after a section of cliff face at the former Berry hill Quarry came away following heavy rainfall.1300 tonnes of rocks, trees & mud came crashing down - narrowly missing the houses below. Last week contractors installed concrete barriers to contain any further landlsides, and just a few hours ago came the news that 19 families forced to evacuate, have now been given the green light to return to their homes.