Nottinghamshire Police accused of 'victim blaming' in Facebook post advising women not to walk home alone

Nottinghamshire Police has been accused of 'victim blaming' after a post online advised women not to walk alone at night.

The post, which has now been deleted from the force's Facebook page, said: "Taking a risk when it comes to walking alone at night is not one of those things we should be doing.

"Women who walk alone especially at night are at risk of harassment, or even physical assault.

It is always best to walk with someone, or in an area where there are otherpeople.

"But even with the best planning there will likely come a time you will needto walk somewhere alone at night.

"Whether it's to your car after a late night at the office, heading to your car after a late-night store run, or walking home from the public bus station,you may find yourself out at night alone."

The Facebook post advised women not to walk alone at night Credit: PA Images

Speaking to the BBC, chief executive of Nottingham Women's Centre Helen Voce said: "It felt like a 1980s thing; it is so condescending, blaming women for going out and it's so sexist about us coming back from the shops."

"I think it makes women feel like it's their fault and that's ridiculous.

Helen Voce, chief executive of Nottingham Women's Centre

Nottinghamshire Police have since apologised for the post.

"We recognise this was a clumsy attempt to communicate an incident with the underlying intention of keeping people safe.

Spokesman, Nottinghamshire Police