60 Sec Elec 2nd December: Leaders talk terrorism, rail fare reductions and mental health money

Campaigning has resumed following the London Bridge terror attack on Friday (29th November) and Mr Johnson and Mr Corbyn have clashed over their views on the issue. Meanwhile, Labour are promising to reduce train fares by a third and the Lib Dems want to invest £11bn into mental health services.

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Boris Johnson and Mr Corbyn cancelled some planned campaign events over the weekend after Saskia Jones from Stratford-Upon-Avon and Jack Merritt were fatally stabbed on Friday (29 November).

The prime minister blamed labour for the release of terrorist Usman Khan, who was freed halfway through a 16-year jail sentence. Speaking on Sunday (1 December) Mr Johnson said Khan was on the streets because of laws introduced by a “leftie government”.

He described the release of criminals who are “as dangerous as this man” as “repulsive” and vowed to take steps to ensure people are not released early when they commit serious offences.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn responded saying that convicted terrorists should “not necessarily” serve their full prison. Shadow attorney general Shami Chakrabarti added to this, claiming it was “unedifying” to talk about “throwing away the keys”.

Mr Corbyn also placed some of the blame of early release on cuts to the prison and probation service.

The Labour leader wants to cut train fares by a third Credit: PA Images

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn says rail fares in England will be cut by a third if his party win the general election.

Jeremy Corbyn intends to re-nationalise the railways and has announced that the price cuts will take place from January.

The party estimates the policy could save the average commuter more than £1,000 a year, and it would represent the biggest ever reduction in rail fares.

If plans go ahead, children aged 16 and under would receive free rail travel and part time workers would be guaranteed “fair” fares.

Labour hope to introduce a London-style ticketing system across the nation working in different zones. There would be a daily price cap so travellers can pay as they go using their bank cards or mobile phones.

And finally, the Lib Dems have announced £11 billion investment in mental health services.

The party said it would make prescriptions for people with chronic mental health conditions available for free on the NHS among a raft of measures to improve services.

Access to talking therapies would be improved, and new mothers would be given a dedicated maternal, postnatal appointment to tackle under-diagnosis of maternal physical and mental health problems as part of the plans.

The party are also boasting new support from movie star Hugh Grant.

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