60 Sec Elec Wed 4th Dec: Are you Brexhausted?

The Labour campaign is back in the Midlands, the Tories announce billions of pounds for public transport and Farage says people are "Brexhausted".

Get your one minute of Midlands politics below:

The Labour party are back campaigning in the Midlands as they try to hold marginal seats that they need in order to win the upcoming election.

Corbyn said how he planned to invest across the East Midlands for the future, stating that the area has the "lowest levels of Government investment for the whole of the UK.”

Jeremy Corbyn unveiled his latest ad van in Nottingham, standing next to a Robin Hood statue he said: “Robin Hood had the right idea. He had the right idea. And from Nottingham we learn the lesson."

“He was a friend of the poor, and he wanted a better society. Labour is on the side of the many, and not the few.”

Meanwhile, Labour's shadow chancellor has said his party wants to "abolish poverty once and for all" within five years, should it win the General Election.

John McDonnell made the statement as he said Labour’s "plan for real change" could save families more than £6,700 a year.

Delivering a speech in Birmingham, Mr McDonnell pledged Labour would replace measures like Universal Credit, whilst increasing the living wage to £10 per hour.

The Tories announced today that they will invest over 4 million pounds into local train, bus and tram services.

The party say the spending will start in 2022 if they win the election on 12 December and the money will be to fund transport projects outside of London.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said it would transform services "in towns and cities across the country".

On the Midlands he said:

And finally, Nigel Farage has also been visiting the Midlands. The Brexit Party leader has spent the day campaigning in Kirkby-in-Ashfield.

He chatted with workers at a battery factory where he said he thinks there will be a dip in the vote on 12 December because people are exhausted by Brexit.

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