A 6 foot high mountain of rubbish has been left to block a pavement in Birmingham.

Residents near the home on Somerville Road in Small Heath have been forced to walk into the middle of the road to get past the eyesore, including mothers with pushchairs.

One resident said: "It’s an eyesore - having to walk past that every day is a joke."

The pile of filth, which includes cupboards, a fridge-freezer and a broken sofa, was dumped outside the home on Friday (29 November).

Shaun McRobert, 21, said: “Most of the pathway is blocked, people are being forced to walk into the road and speeding is a really bad problem here."

"It should have been removed by now, it’s a health and safety thing. There could be broken glass, anything inside of there, one little mistake and someone could end up getting hurt."

The pile of rubbish contains cupboards, a fridge freezer, old clothes and a broken sofa. Credit: BPM Media

Another resident, Bader, 32, said he was particularly affected as the waste spilled across the front of his house. He said: "It’s really bad, we have trouble getting out of the house with the prams"

"It’s going to attract rats, mice and it’s going to affect my house because I am the one closest."

"It’s too dangerous and you have to walk in the road to get out, it’s really annoying.”

Nabil Guennoun, 30, also from Small Heath said he had never seen anything like it in his five years living in the street "It’s no good, it’s dangerous, especially when all the cars are parked," he said.

One resident, who would not be named, said it was a major inconvenience to her and her family. She said: "When you’re walking with the kids you have to walk around it, it’s dangerous.The leaves and mud are a mess in itself but to have that - it’s just messy."

But the resident also said fly-tipping was fairly common in her area. "We’ve had this kind of behaviour forever."

"There’s rubbish that stays there for weeks and weeks and nothing is done."

A woman walks on the road with her child to avoid the pile of rubbish. Credit: BPM Media

The manager of the property with the rubbish outside said the mess was due to a previous tenant. He said: "I’m a victim, just like everybody else."

The property manager was making efforts to remove the waste on Wednesday (4 December) and assured residents that it would be taken care of.

“Following reports from member of the public, we were made aware of this incident - which is now being investigated. "As it is under investigation we cannot make any further comment in detail. “In general, as we have said on many occasions in the past, fly-tipping is unacceptable and a blight on our communities that citizens should not have to suffer. "Where we have credible evidence that meets the threshold required for a prosecution, we do not hesitate to take cases before the courts, as has been evidenced in a number of high-profile cases in the recent past.”

Birmingham City Council