Jeremy Corbyn says he has "cold hard evidence" that Boris Johnson has lied to voters, The Lib Dems have promised hours of free childcare and The Conservatives claim that the NHS will be "safer" with them than with Labour.

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Mr Corbyn claims he's got his hands on government documents which prove that Mr Johnson has lied to voters.

The Labour leader said that the leaked "Northern Ireland Protocol: Unfettered Access to the UK Internal Market" report is evidence that there will be border checks between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK - contrary to claims made by the prime minister throughout the general election campaign.

Mr Johnson said he had not seen the report, and dismissed accusations there would be customs checks as "nonsense".

Mr Corbyn said Mr Johnson's Brexit deal will be "disastrous for businesses and jobs all across the UK" and claimed the Government's confidential report "confirms this".

The Conservatives later dismissed the leaked Treasury document as an "initial assessment" compiled by "junior civil servants".

Meanwhile, Jo Swinson has visited a playground in Hampshire today to discuss the Lib Dems' childcare policy.

Her party pledge to triple funding for disadvantaged pre-school children if the Lib Dems win the upcoming election. Swinson said that children aged three and four who attend nurseries and alternative childcare providers will also benefit from the increased funding.

Swinson believes that "the achievement gap between richer and poorer children can best be closed in the early years".

In the policy, the party promise to help families on low incomes by investing £1billion annually into children's centres. They also want to provide 35 hours of free childcare from when parents go back to work to when their child starts school.

And finally, Michael Gove says that the NHS is "safer" in a Conservative government than under Labour.

The Conservative cabinet minister claims that the National Health Service would be less safe in the hands of Jeremy Corbyn because "Labour's economic plan would crash our economy".

He claims that Labour would then "not able to invest in our national health service."

The Conservative party have promised to invest more than "£33billion in cash terms" in order to "make sure we have millions more GP appointments and also 50,000 more nurses".

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