Meet the family who are helping the homeless this Christmas

A family from Sutton Coldfield were so moved by the death of a man on the streets during freezing temperatures that they are donating Christmas presents to the homeless.

Richard Haynes and daughters, Lily, 13, Rosie, 12, and Holly, 8, have prepared parcels containing hand warmers, wet wipes, tissues, chocolates, toothpaste, toothbrushes and a Christmas card.

Mr Haynes said his daughters have always showed concern and curiosity for homeless people whenever they saw them in the streets and would ask him: "Can't we do something about it?" and "Can we not bring them home?"

They were particularly moved by news of the death of Kane Walker, 31, near the Bullring in Birmingham in January shortly after an emotional video in which he featured went viral.

Mr Haynes said his family felt "devastated, helpless, and ashamed of what goes on within our society right under our noses."

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