Two arrested following homophobic abuse at Wolves match

Wolves have condemned homophobic abuse following two arrests at Amex Stadium after the team drew against Brighton on Sunday (8 December).

They said: "Our ethos at Wolves is about being ‘One Pack’ - an attitude our supporters are very passionate about and that extends to our relationships across the football community, regardless of rivalries on the pitch."

The Premier League also condemned the behaviour with a statement on their website. It read: “On a day when the club and Premier League celebrated equality and diversity, by supporting Stonewall’s Rainbow Laces campaign, it is with regret that we report the ejection and arrest of two away supporters.

Deputy chairman Paul Barber said: "It’s both sad and depressing that once again we find ourselves having to address another situation of discriminatory abuse."

The Rainbow Laces campaign was backed by the majority of supporters in the stadium, but following the match the two individuals were arrested following homophobic abuse.

Wolves said they urge any fans facing similar discrimination to report it immediately either via the anonymous hotline or to a match steward so that action can be taken.

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