A frog found hiding in a bunch of bananas is thought to have traveled all the way from Ecuador, before he ended up at a Northampton supermarket.

He was collected by the RSPCA after he was spotted by shop workers on November 28. They have named him Juan.

It's most likely that he hopped into the container in Ecuador, where the bananas were picked - before being shipped to the UK, and ending up on the supermarket shelf.

He's not yet been formally identified, but it's thought Juan is a type of tree frog where there are over 900 different species.

It was Animal Collection Officer Greg Hagen who arrived to transport Juan so he could be looked after by an exotic animal specialist.

He said: “In my role as animal collection officer, I never quite know what I’m going to get called out to, or indeed where, but when ‘frog in Tesco’ appeared on my list of jobs, it was a bit of a surprise!"

“It must have been quite an ordeal for Juan, traveling all that way in a box of bananas and turning up in Northampton, but he had been really carefully looked after by the staff until I could get there which was really kind of them, and thankfully, he was in good condition and able to be moved to a specialist where he’ll be well kept.”

Animal Collection Officer Greg Hagen

Juan is now being cared for by a specialist keeper.

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