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The biggest General Election night stories in the Midlands

The exit poll at 10pm proved to be accurate, with the Conservatives sweeping to their biggest majority since the time of Thatcher.

For that to happen, many traditional Labour seats in the Midlands turned blue, with some big names losing their jobs.

The Conservatives made 17 gains across the Midlands - here is the full list of results for the East Midlands and West Midlands.

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East Midlands

Here's how the East Midlands election map is looking this morning.

Watch the headlines from a huge night for politics.

In the East Midlands, the most famous casualty was Dennis Skinner who has lost his seat in Bolsover in Derbyshire.

The 87-year-old had held it since 1970 but the Conservatives have now taken control - it's the first time ever that the Tories have won the seat. Mark Fletcher has been elected.

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People in Bassetlaw in Nottinghamshire have elected a Conservative MP for the first time in over a hundred years.

In an historic night, the Tories took the seat for the first time since 1910. Brendan Clarke-Smith receiving the highest number of votes.

The Conservatives took Ashfield in Nottinghamshire for just the second time in the seat's history.

It was last held by the Tories in the 1977 by-election. Other than that it's always been a Labour-held seat. Lee Anderson has now been elected.

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One familiar face in East Midlands won't be back in the new parliament. In Broxtowe, Anna Soubry left the Conservatives for the Independent Group for Change over her anti-Brexit stance.

The seat stays Conservative with Darren Henry elected new MP.

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Derby North, which Labour had won two years ago, went back to the Conservatives.

Analysis from Political Reporter Gareth Owen

A bad night all round for Labour in the East Midlands.

Ashfield, Bolsover, Gedling and Bassetlaw - all part of Jeremy Corbyn's so-called "red wall" which has now been knocked down in spectacular fashion. You can add to that Derby North and High Peak.

And there is good news for the Conservatives even in defeat.

For example Leicester East - Keith Vaz's old seat - absolutely nailed on, rock solid safe Labour...Claudia Webbe has held that, but the old majority there was 22,000 - it's been cut to just six thousand .. now effectively a marginal!

The other Leicester seats also went to Labour, as did the three Nottingham seats which means Chris Leslie, who walked out on Labour earlier this year failed to regain Nottingham East. He was standing as a candidate for the Independent Group for Change.

So the East Midlands is now awash with Tory blue. Labour pushed back to Nottingham, Leicester, Chesterfield and half of Derby.

– Gareth Owen

West Midlands

Here's how the election map is looking in the West Midlands

Watch the headlines here:

In the West Midlands people in West Bromwich have elected Conservative MPs for the first time since the seats were established.

The Tories have gained both the East and West seats. Both had previously been held by Labour since their formation in 1974.

And it's been a similar story in Wolverhampton. The Tories have gained both the North East and South West seats but Labour's Pat McFadden held on to his seat in Wolverhampton South East.

Stoke-on-Trent too went entirely blue.

There was a lot of anger at the scale of the defeat among some Labour politicians tonight, including Jess Phillips. She won her Birmingham Yardley seat, but says the national defeat was devastating.

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Here's the full picture for Birmingham

Analysis from Political Reporter Gareth Owen

An astonishing night. A terrible night for Labour in the West Midlands. Conservative gains in West Bromwich and Wolverhampton and two seats in Stoke on Trent. A Labour city just a few years ago . .. now every seat is held by the Conservatives.

– Gareth Owen

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As is neighbouring Newcastle under Lyme. They have also taken one BIrmingham seat - that's Northfield. And as expected, Dudley North has gone the same.

One of the tightest marginals in the Midlands had been Telford. Lucy Allen held that for the Conservatives by just 700 votes, but she's now increased her majority to a whopping ten thousand.

There is though, one bright spot for the Labour Party. The big shock in 2017 came when they gained Warwick and Leamington from the Conservatives. They were expected to lose that. But they held on. Not only that, Matt Western actually increased his vote share.

The constituency was created in 1997, and was Labour until 2015. Lucy Allen won it by a whisker for the Conservatives back then, and just about clung on in 2017

But there is no doubt about the winners tonight. The Midlands is a sea of Tory blue. Labour survive in Birmingham and Coventry, but not many more places...

– Gareth Owen

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