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'Longest ever Christmas card' to be sent to the Queen from Haddon Hall, Derbyshire

The 42-metre Christmas card is still growing. Credit: Haddon Hall

A Christmas card measuring 42 metres has been created at Haddon Hall in Bakewell, and it could be the longest ever sent to the Queen.

The card has been signed by local schools and community groups.

It also features illustrations from local artists.

Visitors to Haddon Hall from all over the world have also been signing the card, which sits in the The Long Gallery in the 11th century medieval manor house.

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The card will remain at Haddon Hall until Wednesday 18th December, when it will be boxed up and delivered to Buckingham Palace.

"In keeping with year’s Christmas theme of traditions and craft, we have decided to make a Christmas card for the Queen.

This card is to represent Haddon, its estate, its visitors and the local community and we very much hope you might come to Haddon to sign it."

– Haddon Hall website
The card will be sent to the Queen on 18th December. Credit: PA Images

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