How to help the homeless this Christmas

Here is how you can help the homeless this Christmas.

There are many options you can undertake to help the homeless - whether it be contacting an organisation such as Shelter or calling 999 if person sleeping rough needs urgent medical help.

Emergency shelters will be activated across the West Midlands in case temperatures drop below freezing.

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There are currently no legal protections for people sleeping rough in England during severe weather – the provision of shelter is not a statutory duty, even when conditions are life threatening, says Homeless Link.

You can also volunteer to help out organisation such as the Midland Langar Seva Society - they're on the streets every night handing out food and supplies.

CEO Randhir Singh will be hosting a sit down meal inside Birmingham New Street Station on Christmas Eve.

You might get some inspiration from members of the public who have been helping the homeless on their own.

People such as seven-year-old Skyla Edwards who handed out goody bags to homeless people on the streets of Birmingham.

The Haynes family from Sutton Coldfield were so moved by the death of a man on the streets during freezing temperatures that they are donating Christmas presents to the homeless.

Richard Haynes and daughters, Lily, 13, Rosie, 12, and Holly, 8, prepared parcels containing hand warmers, wet wipes, tissues, chocolates, toothpaste, toothbrushes and a Christmas card.

You can search for a homeless shelter or hostel near you. Advice from the charity Shelter also includes:

  • If you find a hostel, night shelter or winter shelter, call them and see if you need to:

  • book in advance or turn up in person

  • arrive by a certain time

  • have a local connection

  • get a referral, for example from the council, social services or an advice centre

CCP has asked if any rough sleepers are spotted outside during the cold weather, to report them to Streetlink on 0300 500 0914 or via

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