Mayor calls for WMTS to be 'stripped' of franchise if improvements aren't made

The West Midlands Mayor has called for West Midlands Train Service to be 'stripped' of the franchise if improvements aren't made.

Andy Street has said today (23 December) he's 'lost faith' in their ability to run the network.

He added the service is 'quite simply, woeful' and that the problems with the region's railways has been dragging on for months.

The mayor said his suggestions to improve the service after a meeting with both West Midlands Transport (WMT) and their owners Abellio were rejected.

In his statement, released on social media this morning, Mr Street said that if the WMT don't restore a reliable service by January 31, 2020 - he will ask the Depart of Transport to strip them of the franchise.

West Midland Train Credit: PA images

In response to the Mayor's statement, West Midlands Trains said they have spoken with the Mayor and the DfT 'extensively' on how to speed up improvements already planned.

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