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Shotgun cartridges found in a large pile of rubbish outside supermarket in Maypole

Four shotgun cartridges found in the rubbish Credit: SnapperSK

Four shotgun cartridges have been discovered discarded at the recycling area of a Sainsbury’s supermarket in Maypole, near Birmingham.

Boxes from toy sets were amongst the pile of rubbish containing the firearms cartridges, along with food waste, wrapping paper, and even soft toys.

Rubbish was piled high in the recycling area Credit: SnapperSK

Local councils have had a reduced collection over the Christmas period forcing more people bring their recycling to points such as this.

West Midlands Police Officers have retrieved the shotgun casings for further investigation. They say enquiries are ongoing.

West Midlands Police say enquiries are ongoing Credit: SnapperSK