Warwickshire man caught up in Hillsborough disaster finally seeks help 30 years later and wants others to do the same

Alan Griffiths from Alcester in Warwickshire, was witness to a disaster that marked one of Britain's darkest days.

ITV News Central spoke to Alan as part of ITV's Britain Get Talking wellness campaign.

30 years ago, he was at the Leppings Lane entrance of the Hillsborough Stadium and was involved in the disaster in which 96 Liverpool fans died.

Alan has relived the horrors every day for 30 years, but could never talk about it.

He was working near Sheffield around the 30th anniversary of the tragedy in which he was so closely involved.

Crowd in the West Terrace at Leppings Lane on 15 April 1989 Credit: PA Images

Now, with his cognitive behaviour therapist in Stratford-upon-Avon, Alan, is encouraging others living with similar issues in the county to take up a free NHS service called, #NowICan.

Alan is encouraging others living with similar issues to get help Credit: ITV News Central

Alan says finally talking about what happened has turned his life around.

Hillsborough will always be a part of him, but now he knows there's much more to his life too and now he can just get on with it.

For more information on #NowICan, you can call: 024 7667 1090 on weekdays 9-5 or visit www.covwarkpt.nhs.uk/iapt