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Primary school in Derby puts up sign urging parents to put phones away when collecting their children

The sign at Redwood Primary School in Derby Credit: BPM Media

A primary school in Derby has put up a sign at the school gates to remind parents to put away their phones when they collect their children.

It reads: 'Greet your child with a smile not a mobile'.

However the sign at Redwood Primary School has received a mixed reaction from parents.

A teacher at the school says it serves as a reminder for those who use their phones a lot to spend more time with their children.

The sign is not really having a go, it’s just to recognise that all adults use their phones a lot and sometimes we don’t think about it.

When you pick up your children it’s good to put it away."

– Ms Calladine, Redwood Primary School
The school wants people to talk and listen more. Credit: PA Images

Ms Calladine explained that it was "one of the ways" the school is trying to get people to talk and listen more.

All staff at the school were reportedly behind the decision to erect the sign, claiming it reminds them to talk more with their own children.

Some of the feedback from parents about the sign has been negative, with one parent calling it "totally unfair".

But others have praised the message on the sign and agree parents should communicate with their children more after school.

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