Air pollution could contribute to thousands of deaths in the Midlands

Thousands are at risk of heart attacks and stroke deaths in the Midlands due to toxic air, a charity is warning.

The British Heart Foundation says air pollution presents a ‘major public health emergency'.

They're calling for stricter air pollution limits as it launches a new awareness campaign.

The county with the highest number of estimated deaths is Lincolnshire at 3,600.

Following that is:

  • Staffordshire - 3,300

  • Derbyshire - 3,200

  • Nottinghamshire - 3,000

  • Leicestershire - 2,600

  • Worcestershire and Northamptonshire - 1,700

Credit: PA images

This come as the charity launches their 'You're full of it' campaign to highlight the dangerous levels of air pollution we're inhaling in towns and cities across the UK every day.

They're calling for World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines on particulate matter (PM) to be adopted in to UK law, and met by 2030.

As it’s estimated that up to 11,000 heart and circulatory disease deaths are attributable to particulate air pollution in the UK every year.

Credit: PA images

In response to the finds of the British Heart Foundation the Government said they 'stepping up the pace' to improve air quality.