Hundreds of unseen Coventry Cathedral images released

Historic England has released hundreds of unseen images of Coventry Cathedral's construction.

The famous cathedral stands proudly in the heart of the city centre and plays an important part in Coventry's history. It was heavily bombed, along with the rest of the city, on the night of 14th November 1940 during World War II.

Despite the devastating impact on the cathedral, Coventry Cathedral was rebuilt between the mid 1950s and 1962, as a symbol of reconciliation and peace.

Now people will be able to see images of the Cathedral's construction for the first time, to mark this incredible moment in history.

It is part of Historic England's new image-based project called 'Breaking New Ground: The John Laing Photographic Collection'.

“We are delighted to bring to the public the fascinating John Laing Photographic Collection through digitising 10,000 images, which will be accessible to everyone through our website. The Collection offers unparalleled insight into the construction of 20th century Britain – covering everything from cathedrals, mosques and housing, to bus stations, bridges and motorways. We hope our “Breaking New Ground” project will shine a light on prominent and everyday British landmarks, and inspire the next generation to enjoy and engage in the built heritage all around us.” >

Duncan Wilson, Chief Executive, Historic England

Take a look at some of the never-seen-before images below.

Jacob Epstein's sculpture depicts the triumph of Archangel Michael over the the Devil, which was lifted into position approximately between 1961 - 1962. Credit: Historic England
Letter carver and sculptor, Ralph Beyer carving the foundation stone for Coventry Cathedral on 22nd February 1956. Credit: Historic England
View from the north showing the construction of Coventry Cathedral, including the development of the ramp for the foundation stone laying ceremony, on 8th March 1956. Credit: Historic England
Image shows the process of fitting Coventry Cathedral's stain glass windows on 28th June 1961. Credit: Historic England
Installation of the 80ft bronze spire which was lowered onto the Cathedral's roof by RAF Belvedere helicopter on 28th June 1961. Credit: Historic England
Construction site of Coventry Cathedral, showing the scaffolding in the interior of the building on 11th August 1959. Credit: Historic England
Man and boy looking through viewing window at the construction site for Coventry Cathedral on 6th September 1955. Credit: Historic England

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