Girl, 7, raises hundreds for animals in Australian wildfires by selling juice

A seven-year-old girl has raised hundreds of pounds for animals effected by the Australian wildfires - by selling juice.

Bella Oakley told her mum Joann, 37, she wanted to help the animals by setting up a juice stand on Friday (10 January).

The youngster from Shepshed, in Leicestershire was told by her teacher that they would be raising money for Australian wildfires after taking a trip there.

Joann then posted their plan on social media asking people to come by.

Credit: BPM Media

As of Sunday (12 January), Joann said the seven-year-old has already raised £300 for the wildlife charity, Wires, the largest wildlife rescue organisation in Australia.

Bella also donated the final £2 from her own piggy bank to get the final total over £300.

As well as raising money by selling juice, Bella will also be taking part in a Colour Run being organised by the school.

Her hard work has not gone unnoticed either, as Joann said that people in Australia have sent messages of support to Bella.