ITV News Central presenter Bob Warman reflects on the life and career of veteran ATV Midlands correspondent Reg Harcourt...

Some of our older viewers will remember the veteran broadcaster Reg Harcourt whose death was announced earlier today. He was 88.

Reg's television career began with the launch of ATV Today in 1964 which broadcast across the whole of the Midlands region.

As the first local news reporter he covered the events of the day for the regional half hour slot which achieved daily audiences of around three million.

During the 1970's he developed his skills as an incisive political interviewer and was the programme's Political Editor until his retirement.

During the turbulent years of industrial relations in the Midlands, he was recognised as an impartial and trusted figure by both politicians and union leaders.

A popular figure amongst his colleagues, he'll be remembered as one of the pillars of regional television.