Stolen pedigree British bulldogs have been found

Two pedigree British bulldogs, that were stolen in Quinton, have now been reunited with their owners.

Amanda Lloyd and boyfriend Jay came home to find that burglars had raided their home and taken their pets Rocco and Remy.

The raid happened between 12pm and 3pm two days ago(14th January), when the couple were left heartbroken as they returned to their flat in Four Acres with no sign of the two dogs.

The devastated couple appealed for help online, which sparked a lot of interest as it went viral and was shared across the country.

Rocco (left) and Remy (right) sitting at the back of Amanda's car. Credit: BPM Media

Amanda and Jay feared that the dogs could have been shipped off to a breeding farm due to their rare breed and distinct features.

Now the couple are overjoyed, as their beloved pets were handed in just 24 hours after the appeal by an anonymous rescuer.

Rocco has a very distinct skin colour. Credit: BPM Media