Justice for Bella petition calls for "tougher" jail sentences

A petition that was set up, after a dog had been found in the River Trent with a carrier bag containing a large rock tied to her lead, has received over 100,000 signatures.

Shena Louise, from Lincolnshire, created the 'Justice for Bella' petition after hearing about the mistreatment of Bella the Belgian shepherd dog.

Shena is the owner of Pudz Animal Sanctuary and is calling for "tougher" jail sentences for animal abusers.

Photo of Bella after she was rescued. Credit: Nottinghamshire Police

People who abuse animals are currently sentenced under the Animal Welfare Act, where they can receive a maximum of six months in prison and an unlimited fine.

The 'Justice for Bella' petition has currently received 107,608 signatures, which means that the issue of animal cruelty can be considered for debate by Parliament.

Shena is now looking into the application process for presenting the fight for animal justice to Parliament.